The Grand Wash Cliffs are located in Arizona. The cliffs are 12 miles long and consist of two steps connected by a 3 mile wide shelf. The cliffs are 2,000 and 1,000 feet high. The Colorado River, which formed the Grand Wash Cliffs, today runs 20 miles south, continuing to sculpt the Grand Canyon. The Grand Wash Cliffs are filled with beautiful canyons. There is an 11 mile long trail the wilderness above the cliffs.

Interesting Information

  • Big horn sheep, desert tortoise, and Gila monsters make their homes in the Grand Wash Cliffs.
  • Pinyon pines, junipers, Mojave Desert scrubs, and annual grasses make up the majority of plant life.
  • Some recreation activities include hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, photography, plant and animal viewing and camping.
  • Hiking trailheads near the Grand Wash Cliffs include Grand Wash Northeast Trailhead, Grand Wash Narrows, Cassidy Arch Trail Junction, and Grand Wash Southwest Trailhead.
  • Temperatures in the Grand Wash can range from below freezing to above 110 degrees!
  • Due to the remoteness of this area, cell phones will most likely not work in the Grand Wash Cliffs.

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“The flight there goes over Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and the Grand Wash Cliffs. During the trip there and back as Mike was giving us the history of the area and his anecdotes the background music fit perfectly with the timing of the attractions. The experience was first rate from the time we were picked up till the time we were dropped off.” – maltrat

“We had a wonderful morning experience with Serenity Helicopter Tours Company. The pilot, Cole, provided a helpful narration throughout the trip. We got some unique photos of the Grand Canyon and territory around Boulder- Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Grand Wash Cliffs.” – Fred T

“Our pilot, Mike, was great. He kept us entertained and took us both high and low over the Grand Wash Cliffs and the Grand Canyon. Many thanks to the Serenity Helicopters crew for making my dad’s 60th birthday quite memorable.” – B_in_Ottawa

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