Did you know that Serenity Helicopters offers charter helicopter tours that can take you to many exciting places beyond the Grand Canyon? One popular destination is Red Rock Canyon, a National Conservation Area that is known for its stunningly beautiful rock formations. Although Red Rock Canyon may be less well known than the Grand Canyon, it too offers awe-inspiring views that are fantastic to see from the air. Want to learn more? Keep reading below to find out some interesting information about this beautiful location.


  • Red Rocks was formed under the ocean millions of years ago through the deposits of shells and marine life skeletons over 9,000 feet thick.
  • As the earth’s crust rose up due to tectonic plates shifting, the land rose above the level of the ocean.
  • Faults in the earth’s crust collided over millions of years creating cliffs that reach up to 3,000 feet, including Keystone Thrust.
  • The red color of the rocks comes from iron oxide, which has rusted as it was exposed to air to produce beautiful, vibrant red hues.
  • As the climate in this area continued to change over millions of years to a desert, vast areas of sand dunes were also created.


  • There are over 2,000 different rock climbing routes in Red Rocks with both short and long routes as well as options for beginners and experts. The rock is fragile when wet, so you should not climb during or after a rain storm.
  • Red Rock Canyon Campground is open August 31, 2018 through May 27, 2019. Facilities include shaded picnic tables, grills and campfire circles, vault toilets, trash cans, drinking water and recycling stations.
  • You can hike, bicycle, or ride horses on many different trails throughout the area. There are over 30 miles of hiking trails.
  • A 13-mile drive offers beautiful views off of several scenic overlooks.
  • If you are looking to experience the amazing views of Red Rock Canyon from above, you can book a helicopter charter flight with Serenity Helicopters. Combine the experience with other sights such as Lake Meade, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon!

If you are interested in seeing Red Rock Canyon from the air, give us a call to find out more about our custom helicopter charters. We can help you plan the perfect trip… the possibilities are endless. Read a guest review below to learn more about our custom charter experience:

“After much research, Serenity was our first choice for our scenic charter. Trina was awesome at suggesting an itinerary for our three hour charter and was able accommodate us at 7:00 AM, last Saturday, 06/30.

Minko picked us up at our hotel, right on schedule and after much conversation, we arrived at the heliport. I must say, we were very impressed with the professionalism of our driver and the super nice shuttle bus.

Upon arrival at the acutely appointed office, we were met with a super friendly staff and offered cold drinks. After the safety briefing, we headed out to the chopper and met our pilot, Christine. Wow, a very attractive, 27 year old with the experience of a veteran! Impressive! The heli was newly renovated, extremely well maintained and very comfortable.

We lifted off and headed toward the Grand Canyon’s spectacular views. After 30 minutes of flight time, we landed 4000 feet below the top and had a well prepared breakfast with all the Bloody Marys we could handle! Well done Christine and Trina!

Christine was very excited to be able to fly a long charter, since her daily routine is somewhat mundane. So, lifting off from the breakfast site, we explored more of the canyon, then headed across Vegas toward Red Rock Canyon. We initially were to head toward Valley of Fire, but our pilot suggested we fly Red Rocks. What a fantastic decision! I thought RRC was more impressive than the Grand Canyon. As well, Christine’s maneuvers through and over the rocky draws, were absolutely flawless! We did our best to entice her to pull some serious “Gs” and well, you’ll have to watch the video.

If possible, book a charter. At least over Red Rocks. It’s seriously underrated from the air and by all means, ask for Christine!!!!!!!!!

I HIGHLY recommend Serenity and wish I could give them a 6 star rating!” – Dale L

If you are interested in seeing Red Rock Canyon from the air, call us at 888-589-7701 to learn more about our custom charter flights.

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