Obviously the star of Serenity Helicopter Tours is the Grand Canyon, but an added bonus of every tour is flying over Hoover Dam, which is a beautiful sight to see from the air.

This National Historic Landmark is located on the Arizona-Nevada border. It was constructed during the Great Depression at a time when the jobs it created were greatly needed. The dam stores enough water to irrigate 2 million acres and also provides hydroelectric power.

Here are some more interesting facts about the Hoover Dam:

  • Hoover Dam was completed in 1935 and was, at the time, the most expensive project in U.S. history, totally $49 million.
  • The Hoover Dam is named after President Herbert Hoover, who pushed for the dam’s construction and was also an engineer himself.
  • Hoover Dam is 726 feet tall, 1200 feet wide, and 660 feet thick at its base.
  • The Hoover Dam took 91.8 billion cubic feet of concrete to construct and is estimated to weight 6.6 million tons.
  • The Hoover Dam relies on gravity to keep from falling down.
  • Hoover Dam has 17 turbines which can produce around 4 billion kilowatts of electricity per year.
  • The Hoover Dam is featured in many movies including Transformers, Alfred Hitchcock’s Saboteur, and Superman.
  • You can see the Dam from the air with the top rated helicopter tour company on TripAdvisor and save the long drive time!

Here is what some guests have to say about flying over the Hoover Dam in route to the Grand Canyon:

“You can’t get a better view of either the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam or have anywhere near this good of experience.” – tvanbruggen

“Our pilot, whilst navigating us through the most spectacular route out over the Hoover Dam, provided insightful commentary when flying over points of interest. The perfect audio soundtrack perfectly symbolized each climb, turn or descent. With plenty of photo opportunities en-route, the descent into the canyon was quite simply breathtaking. ” – Russ W

“There were plenty of companies to choose from but we were recommended serenity. Definitely the RIGHT choice. You will not get nicer views than the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. However, it was our pilot Mike Davis who made the tour. Not only was he a very friendly person, he knew so much history about the area which made the tour.” – Kingy100

“The whole experience was fantastic and seeing the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the flight on route to the Grand Canyon is all a bonus!” – jcwbrown1985

Cole our pilot was informative funny and had great taste in music. Nothing I can write will do the helicopter ride justice from the views over the Hoover Dam to landing in the canyon.” – KnDNorteast

“The flight to the canyon over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam was breathtaking. When we crested the rim and descended into the canyon I was overwhelmed by its scale and beauty.” – Tad N

“The helicopter flight was wonderful, we flew over the Hoover Dam on the way out, an awesome structure seen from the air, and landed on a plateau inside the canyon for breakfast, with time to take plenty of photos.” – Les S

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